Stiles & Jackson 

Stiles handed over a few crumpled dollar bills and some loose change. The teenager behind the counter rolled his eyes and started counting the money. Stiles’ hand crept into the bag of popcorn, grabbed a handful and shovelled it into his mouth.

Sir,” the cashier snapped, handing over his change. Stiles thanked him and started walking.

The night was sticky and hot, unusual for mid-Spring…but perfect for Beacon Hills’ annual Carnival. The open field was full of screaming children, blurring lights of questionably-safe rides, the smells of disgustingly-yummy food and, more than anything, cute couples.

Stiles had been abandoned by Scott and Allison (they were probably kissing at the top of the Ferris wheel), and was wandering the fairgrounds when he spotted Jackson doing the same…

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    "You really should be nicer to me," Stiles teased. "I’m doing you a major favor by coming out with you…merely being in...
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    Jackson laughed. “Yes sir.” He replied, driving to the pizza parlor he was talking about. He parked his car and stepped...